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Papermoon - Over you (03:19)
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There is nothing to say
About the things we�ve gone through
No more aces to play
I played that�s what you�ve done too

You have broken my heart, but that wasn't enough
You have torn it and cut it to pieces

I can�t love anymore
Since you walked out that door
How I wish it wasn�t true
I�d be over you
Somewhere deep in my heart
I will make a new start
Then I�ll know it for sure
That I�m over you

I was here in your arms
I thought that I belonged there
But you made up your mind
I could not believe it
I could not believe it�s true

That you hurt me this way
You have broken my heart into pieces


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Papermoon - Over you (03:19) [anonymous]

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