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From: Otto & Janice Enk <>
Subject: [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Re: BAKER_BOLIN-D Digest V98 #67

> Subject:
> BAKER_BOLIN-D Digest Volume 98 : Issue 67
> Today's Topics:
> #1 [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Fw: Article re: Bo [Leslie Gunter <>]
> #2 [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Smith Baker [DaveNorris <>]
> #3 [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Message from List [Leslie Gunter <>]
> Administrivia:
> To unsubscribe from BAKER_BOLIN-D, send a message to
> that contains in the body of the message the command
> unsubscribe
> and no other text. No subject line is necessary, but if your software
> requires one, just use unsubscribe in the subject, too.
> ______________________________
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Fw: Article re: Bollings Part 2
> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 00:02:09 -0000
> From: Leslie Gunter <>
> To: <>
> Hi All,
> Todd sent me this info, and I thought others might be
> interested.
> Leslie
> -----Original Message-----
> From: ToddBolen <>
> To: <>
> Date: Wednesday, March 11, 1998 9:10 PM
> Subject: Article re: Bollings Part 2
> >In a message dated 98-03-11 02:00:34 EST, you write:
> >
> ><< Do you have the mailing address of Willis Lake? >>
> >
> >Willis Lake is my source #180. I have a son who lives in Birmingham,
> Alabama,
> >and Willis Lake and I spent several hours in the Spring of 1996 on my son's
> >deck talking about Bolling genealogy. Some time after that he had a stroke
> and
> >I have only talked to him on the phone. Look at source entry #180 for his
> last
> >known address and where he told me his files are located. He told me he was
> >retiring from genealogy. His conclusions over time have changed, so even
> if
> >his 1994 conclusions are found and printed be aware that those thoughts
> might
> >not have been his final thoughts.
> >
> >Todd
> >
> ______________________________
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Smith Baker
> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 07:35:34 EST
> From: DaveNorris <>
> To:
> Wilma, I have moved Smith Baker into the child position, with Andrew Baker and
> his wife Hannah/Nancy Briant as his parents. I have his date of birth only as
> 1810. He married Nancy Trosper, on Nov 7, 1838, in Laurel County, KY. I
> have the date of marriage for his parents as December 24, 1816. If he was
> born two years after their marriage (1818) then he was twenty years old when
> he married. Is that correct? Thank you so much for helping me get all this
> corrected.
> Do you have any data on Rainwater? She is the Indian I have for the first
> wife of Andrew. What I have is that she was born about 1785. They married
> about 1805, and she was Cherokee.
> As for the Indian ancestry (Native American to be politically correct): my
> pastor is of Indian descent. His mother was half Indian half white. He is a
> striking gentleman. He studied the Cherokee language and learned to sing in
> Cherokee How Great Tho Art. Man if that will not bring tears to your eyes
> you don't have a heart. He told us the story about the song being sung by the
> Indians while on the journey called the trail of tears. About the hardship
> and the cold, hunger and death of so many. This song was their prayer to the
> Great Spirit. It sustained them and got them through that horrible time. Of
> course they did not have the words we sing today but the tune is what he sang.
> When he sang that song, Acapulco, I just cried. It is the most beautiful
> thing I have ever heard. I have asked him to record it but he will not do
> that. He is a wonderful minister and friend. He has told us that his Mama
> prayed him into the pulpit! His wife is of Indian ancestry as well. His
> father was English. His father died when he was eleven years old and he spent
> his life searching for the reason why God took his father or why his father
> left him. The hardships and poverty he suffered were useful for it made one
> good preacher out of this young man. He just had his fifty-seventh birthday
> in January. He wants to take a canoe and go to the head waters of the Catawba
> River in North Carolina and follow the river to the ocean. He will do it some
> day, I just know he will. He goes deer hunting with a bow and arrow only.
> His office is just next door to our house. On night after dark I was walking
> over to the church to do some work and the pastor was in his office with
> someone, as I started walking across the yard I heard something and looked to
> the back of the office. At first I thought it was a man in a white shirt.
> But it was an albino deer!! We scared the stuffing out of each other!! I
> wanted to go tell the preacher that he just missed that deer that was not ten
> feet on the other side of that wall from him, but I could not since he had
> someone with him. Later when I told the story to him, he said he was glad to
> hear that she had made it through another season. She lives out here where
> deer hunting is really big and I am sure some hunter will get her sooner or
> later. That will be a shame.
> Please share your version of the story about the preacher, the squaw and the
> poker game with the group, since our versions are just some what different.
> Enough of my rambling.
> Later,
> Aileen
> ______________________________
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: [BAKER_BOLIN-L] Message from List Administrator
> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 17:15:02 -0000
> From: Leslie Gunter <>
> To: <>
> Hi All,
> I have a question for all the subscribers who do not have their
> Baker and/or Bolin genealogy on the internet.
> I have a large amount of space on my geocities,com account
> (18 MB), and with all the pages I currently have online (75), I
> have only used (1.4MB), therefore, I have the space to set up
> a webpage for each subscriber that would like to have their
> Baker and/or Bolin family line on the internet, but who do not
> have the time or knowledge of how to put it there themselves.
> Let me start by saying this
> I will do this for FREE
> Neither myself or my website, will hold any copyright to your information,
> and do not want to use it to publish a book.
> I will maintain the page for each person, until the time that they
> wish it to be removed from the internet.
> If you were to set up your own webpage, I would place a link to
> it on the Baker_Bolin-L homepage, and delete the webpage I
> create for your information.
> I would place a link on the page to your e-mail address so that
> you can field any questions or comments that would arise
> I can create the page using your Baker and/or Bolin family
> lines, and include as few or as many individuals, as you would
> like.
> You would then have final approval before it is placed online.
> My only objective in offering to do this, is to make all known information
> for the Baker and Bolin familes available to all researchers. Since placing
> my information online, I have
> been contacted by many individuals that have recognized a
> name I have in my database, we were then able to share
> information.
> Please let me know your thoughts on this.
> Thank You,
> Leslie
Hi Leslie,
I am interested in your offer. What would you need from me? I am
totally ignorant of these Things.

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Olenk - Season of tears (03:27) [Errance]

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