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Ministry - Bad blood (05:00)
created by 16@r
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What�s lies?
Full moon and thoughts collide
We look for answers in those catatonic, dying blod-shot eyes
We ask if vermin are the ones that already learned
Those aren�t tears,
They�re just bad bad blood

Just bad bad blood!

What lies?
No big surprise.
We get our clues from the ones who thought up they will conquer us
Are we too fucked to say the end is here too much?
We�re in denial with bad blood


(wailing sample:
Do you remember the strain?
Do you remember the pain?
Do you remember who caused all the blame? )

Bad blood!

(wailing sample:
Do you remember me?
Do you remember us?
Do you surrender your dreams or your trust? )

Bad blood!

What lies?
He�s finally come alive
Out of these mediocre plentiful things all the time
A steady stream of madness
Conscious to a flood
The clock is ticking for bad blood

[fade out...]

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