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Marc Cohn - Miles Away (03:24)
created by dandandandandan
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My friends will ask me how I`m doin`
But I just can`t lie to `em
Not feeling fine today
I saw my dreams they were a
Ship on the ocean now it
Looks like they`re miles away

Miles away
Hey, hey -- they`re miles away

I know there`s always something
We have to go through
That has some deeper meaning but
Right now I just can`t say
I know there`s gonna be a lesson somewhere
I`m gonna think a lot about it later
But right now I`m miles away
Miles away
Hey hey I`m miles away
Hey hey hey I`m miles away

I`m a million miles away
Where I don`t have to think at all
Don`t have to listen to you whisper
Your little secrets in the hall
Yeah I`d really love to talk about it
But I think I hear my mama calling me...
Miles away

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