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Manchester Orchestra - I Can Barely Breath (04:58)
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I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child

when the dark flood came
we wrapped ourselves inside a dirty blanket
citing different opinions
on whether we should move

when the houses came
they ate up everyone like they were fishes
saying, "come on, come on
its the end of the world"

and then i saw your face
you're turning skin into a dirty secret
i watched the beauties, watched the fire
and the fire burn the beauty in their eyes

when i took the blame
we layed in ruins trying to quote your phrase
we're yelling, "someone's got the answers,
but i'd rather think there's nothing to be found"

if you knew i was dying would it change you?

so when you see me falling backwards down the wall that says i'm still alive,
don't be cautious when i'm cautiously approaching on the other side
everybody has their reasons, that's the reason we're all going to die

because if seeing is believing,
then believe that we have lost our eyes

when i fly solo, i fly so high
don't touch me now.

we all deserve something

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