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Madness - Overdone (03:44)
created by hk_cl
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Door locked open, door locked shut
See you soon, hopefully not
I�ve been and gone so many times
Without a work I�ve dropped no lines
Just look forward, never back
Selfish bastard, dicta-brat

Please forgive me
For the things that I�ve done
Don�t feel ashamed
If you�re asked hows your son

Living here and living there
Lived at home but very rare
To see your faces it would be
A treasure locked in memory
Do drop a line, say hello dad
I await your answer, for I also beg

Please accept me
From a baby I have come
Pain, distress and heartache
I have now overcome

Running here and running there
Often caught but never cared
Been a-courting every year

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