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Julie Roberts - Break Down Here (04:06)
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Mile marker 203
The gas gauge leaning on the edge of E
I'll be danged if the rain ain't pouring down
Something smoking underneath the hood
It's a-banging and a-clanging and it can't be good
It's another 50 miles to the nearest town
Everything I own is in the back in a Hefty bag
I'm outta cigarettes and I'm down to my last drag

I'd sure hate to break down here
Nothing up ahead or in the rear-view mirror
Out in the middle of nowhere, knowing
I'm in trouble if these wheels stop rolling
God help me keep me moving somehow
Don't let me start wishing I was with him now
I've made it this far without crying a single tear
I'd sure hate to break down here

Under fifty-thousand miles ago
Before the bad blood and busted radio
You said I was all you'd ever need
Love is blind and little did I know
That you were just another dead-end road
Paved with pretty lies and broken dreams
Baby leaving you is easier than being gone
I don't know what I'll do if one more thing goes wrong

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

It's too late to turn around
I'd sure hate to break down here

Mile marker 215

[Thanks to colleenbriana2003@yahoo.com for these lyrics]
[Thanks to hilary1111@msn.com, yeimi_byers@yahoo.com, af_blonde_09@yahoo.com, sommersault2266@yahoo.com for correcting these lyrics]

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