Karaoke for Joss Stone - Torn Tattered

Joss Stone - Torn Tattered (03:57)
created by andreseg2002
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Might as well get used to you
End it all like you said you'll do
Cause talk is cheap boy out on the street
Cause people know when there's heat

I'm torn and I'm tattered
Sick and tired living my life singing the same old song
Oh I, I feel a little battered
Looks like I'm living my life running a one-man show
Oh, I, I don't know where the feeling's gone
I'll survive, I'll stay alive, I'm gonna carry on

Tell me tell me, won't you tell me
Where's my mister man
Who will try to deny me now
Everything I plan to be


Riding the rodeo
Up and down we go, yeah
Where we'll end up
I just don't know
Like a rodeo
Down we go
(Riding the rodeo
up and down we go [4x])


I got to walk away
I got to end this pain
I'm gonna make it through
See, I'm getting over you [2x]

I'll stay, stay alive
I'll stay alive
Look at my face
(Riding a rodeo, so high, so fly [2x])

(I don't know)
I'm torn and I'm tattered´┐Ż

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