Karaoke for Hitomi Mieno - Dearest

Hitomi Mieno - Dearest (05:48)
created by Cybork
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tsuyuake mae no aozora wa
hitoashi hayaku, kokoro wo odoraseru
kotoshi mo mousugu, natsu ga kuru
machi mo hito mo ukarekibun de zawamekidasu

( there will be a blue sky before the end of the rainy seasons
just one step earlier, my heart fluttered
this year as well, summer will come soon after
and the town and the people show their joyful feelings )

watashi wa to ieba, anata wo omoi
kono machi de atarashii kaze ni fukarete
sukoshi no fuan mo, dakishime nagara
kanaetai ashita dake wo, mitsumete ikiru

( speaking of myself, i still remember you
a new wind blows in this town now
i felt slightly anxious, so i hugged you a long time
i want to grant your wish and stay with you, even if for only a day )

*shounen no kokoro no mama, otonani natta hito
futari deatta ano hi ni wo modorenai kedo
hitomi wo tojireba, hohoemu kao ga mieru
daisukina ano uta ima mo utatte masuka

( *while still having the heart of a boy, he became a man
even though we can't return to that day we met
if i close my eyes, i can see your smiling face
could it be that you're still singing that favorite song ? )

**watashi ni wa kikoeru yasashii koe to MELODY
yoaki na toki hodo, anata wo omoidasu

( **i can still hear that gentle voice and melody
during times of sadness, i will remember you )

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Hitomi Mieno - Dearest (05:48) [Cybork]

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