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Himsa - Dominion (03:15)
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Defiant thought crossed through demons
Converge in fierce gesture recollection forged to fit
And walk among the ravenous
Dragging feet to cover tracks
Sparing touch to collapse the senses
Dare to care - dare to cross and strike
The lifeline handsomely
We'll always go down fighting
Devout rebellion - our haven is reborn
Loving children of departure conceived in conflict
Plea a pledge of coursing anger to convert their prepossessing
Dirty rotten rivalry
Antidote in symmetry
Pulling punches for servitude
To crush their rotting existence
Hailed in the fold of a setting sun - we defy
So precious so pretty - dominion
Stars on the firing line - dominion
Made famous in obscurity - dominion
The underworld is ours to own
We beloved - wait to feed on the filth of these new evils
Against each wired repeat of nostalgia's novelties
Depiction hints to surface - resurrect and manifest
Accustomed to new thirsts only to vanish in quiet
Prophets of rage - scattered in hordes
This dominion defines everything they possess
And we defy

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