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Horse The Band - Bunnies (03:33)
created by anonymous
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And a beef will rise again, broken machine in his hand.
Ten words: snapping bunnies twitching gurgling forget the bombs in your eyes.
Roaring with whispers to the tiny bunnies SMASH/SPLAT those fucking bunnies.
Send them information in a sensationalist manner, THEY CORRUPT.
Heads snapping and misspelling eyes twitching in response to the sound of the words.
Red world-like words zooming boiling.
Moons in the shallow sky.
Roaring with whispers to the tiny bunnies SPLAT/SQUISH those fucking bunnies.
Twitching bleeding screaming bring the hammer down.
Screaming bunnies bleeding bloody bunnies smeared across the ground.
Drool spilling down his chin unto his beard as he screams red words at
A blank and pointless sky of mothers.
Red words popping and crackling black.
Ten words: Snapping bunnies twitching gurgling forget the bombs IN YOUR EYES.
Forget the bombs in your eyes.
Speak the words to crack open the sky.

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