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Greg Johnson - Save Yourself (03:27)
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I'm a great explorer, I've been exploring your mind
I found giant rivers, mountain ranges never climbed
I'm a great explorer, but now I'm lost inside your head
I don't have directions just a heavy load instead
You said you'd save me if I ever got lost
I said well baby,

First you save yourself
Then you save the world
But first you save yourself

I'm a great believer in believing in you
But I don't have a compass,
No plans for pushing through
I guess I'm pinned down, bad weather's on the way
I need your shelter now but

First you save yourself
Then you save the world, first you save yourself

You're such a brilliant pearl
Living in an unforgiving world
And it doesn't help us very much
If you throw the line to someone else
First you save yourself
Then you save the world but first you save yourself

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Greg Johnson - Save Yourself (03:27) [anonymous]

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