Karaoke for Grave Digger - Emerald Eyes

Grave Digger - Emerald Eyes (04:02)
created by anonymous
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You're a precious girl
In a tragile shell
With a rose coloured skin
And a roses smell

Your long golden hair
Reflecting the light
Your Emerald Eyes
Twinkle like stars in the night

Your smile shines brighter than the sun
Your smile shines brighter than the sun

You are my queen
Choose who is worthy of you
You are my queen
Your warm heart's shining through
You are my queen

I forgive and forget whatever you do

Your body divine
From me you don't hide
The flame of desire
That is burning inside

Your ivory hands
Opened me the gate
To the meaning of life
Where love conquers hate

Your smile shines brighter than the sun

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