Karaoke for Good Riddance - One for the Braves

Good Riddance - One for the Braves (02:28)
created by Sto12m
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Sometimes it seems so tough
Good friends are not enough
And I'm powerless to help
When you take it all upon yourself

Feels like you just can't win
The whole wide world is closing in
And it's so hard not to think the worse
When you're the centre of the universe

I see you struggling with the wait of the world
Remember I'm always by your side
Too many problems for one little girl
I'll be beside you when all your tears have dried

I lay next to you at night
I know something's just not right
But there's nothing I can say
When you feel ten thousand miles away

I don't have all the answers yet
But I get scared when you're upset
And your heart feels like an empty home
When you feel so scared and all alone

Think everybody's talking about you
And conspiring to bring you down
You're thinking that nobody loves you
Ever wonder why I'm still around

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