Karaoke for The Get Up Kids - Close To Home

The Get Up Kids - Close To Home (03:49)
created by makemynighty
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Summer swallowed us whole;
we waited for you to come around.
Every word you wrote down,
we read it over to know...
would they believe in us now?
There's no shame like no sound
from sources hits close to home.
Everything we've found says make your own destiny.
But you're unaware
that you should be scared.
Maybe you'll learn from mistake that we make.
We're not waiting forever.
We know you'll never be there.
We're not waiting forever,
but if you get out we'll see you there.
You're not awake as I'm aware.
Maybe we had all you figured out
absolutely wrong.
There's been a misunderstanding
we've had all along.
You can read about it when we're gone.

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