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Everclear - AM Radio (03:56)
created by derf1776
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You can hear the music on the AM radio

The VCR and the DVD
There wasn't none of that crap back in 1970
We didn't know about a World Wide Web
It was a whole different game being played back when I was a kid

Wanna get down in a cool way
Picture yourself on a beautiful day
Big bell bottoms and groovy long hair
Just walkin' in style with a portable CD player
No, you would listen to the music on the AM radio
Yeah, you could hear the music on a AM radio

Flashback, '72
Another summer in the neighborhood
Hangin' out with nothing to do
Sometmes we'd go drivin' around
In my sister's Pinto
Cruisin' with the windows rolled down
We'd listen to the radio station
We were too damn cool to buy the eight track tapes
There wasn't any good time to want to be inside
My mama wanna watch that TV all goddamn night

I'd be in bed with the radio on
I would listen to it all night long
Just to hear my favorite song
You'd have to wait but you could hear it on the AM radio
Yeah, you could hear the music on a AM radio
I can still hear Mama say ?�Boy turn that radio down!?�

?�Aw, Mom. Not that show again! I don't wanna watch that show!
Can't we watch Good Times or Chico and the Man or something cool?
Turn it off!"

Things changed back in '75
We were all growing up on the in and the outside
We got in trouble with the police man
We got busted gettin' high in the back of my friend's van

I remember 1977
I started going to concerts and I saw the Led Zeppelin
I got a guitar on Christmas day
I dreamed that Jimmy Page would come from Santa Monica
and teach me to play
Teach me to play...

There isn't any place that I need to go
There isn't anything that I need to know
I did not learn from the radio

Yeah when things get stupid and I just don't know
Where to find my happy
I listen to my music on the AM radio
You can hear the music on a AM radio
You can hear the music on a AM radio

I like pop, I like soul, I like rock, but I never liked disco
I like pop, I like soul, I like rock, but I never liked disco
We like pop, we like soul, we like rock, but we never liked disco...

No I never liked disco...

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