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Eclectics - Blacker place (02:33)
created by toine308
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Blacker Place

The destination exceeds imagination
Like this dirty clothing whose you don�t pay attention
This city is the cradle of the human stupidity
I should get out before that corrodes my sympathy

Now I�m inside it�s too late
I can only see this bloody shambles
And the only thing I can rate
Is the disorder and the rumbles

Kick what they think, what they say because they are fools
Don�t matter if they are strong and armed
Even if I drown in angry floods
I remember the time when I was glad

This city is the blacker place I�ve ever seen
It�s obviously an unimaginable horror
I want to go away from this dream
I want to go behind the mirror

I hope it�s just a nightmare
Because I can�t stand all this pressure
I hope I�ll wake up soon in my bed
With only bad memories of this adventure

Nothing moves except the shine of the rain which runs out in this dirty city

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