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Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing (04:18)
created by anonymous
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I know what you're doing
I see it all too clear
I only taste the saline
When I kiss away your tears

You really had me going, wishing on a star
But the black holes that surround you
Are heavier by far

I believed in your confusion
You were so completely torn
Well it must have been that yesterday
Was the day that I was born

There's not much to examine
There's nothing left to hide
You really can't be serious
If you have to ask me why

I say good-bye...

1-'Cause I am barely breathing
And I can't find the air
I don't know who I'm kidding
Imagining you care, and I could stand here
Waiting a fool for another day
But I don't suppose it's worth the price
Worth the price, the price that I would pay

Everyone keeps asking, what's it all about?
I used to be so certain and I can't figure out
What is this attraction? I only feel the pain
There's nothing left to reason and only you to blame
Will it ever change?
(repeat 1)

But I'm thinking it over anyway...

I've come to find, I may never know
Your changing mind, is it friend or foe?
I rise above or sink below
With every time you come and go
Please don't, you come and go
(rpt 1)

Source: akoharic@fundap.dossier.com.ar

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