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Dark Tranquillity - Am I 1 (04:29)
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I grant to you no privilege of person
No sense of self, a denial of choice
It wants out so from all the little bits and pieces
A simple case of lost and found, a wicked new beginning
I don't ever want to see

It's the oldest trick in the book, just like everything you always knew
Turned upon its very end there's nothing left to be
Half a mind to say all the things that bother me today
You better check if it's me, in that "coffin" of yours or just the one you thought you knew

I am one
Who am I?
No character to be lost inside

A mind is hard to please so wander aimlessly
Hands clenched in fists of rage concealed in frustration
There's a part of me that cannot deal
With the character i am forced to be
A thinly veiled plan to lay your world afoot
Lost in community, blind in belonging

Is there really nothing more than this?
The emptiness remains
So put on your brave face and take the plunge again´┐Ż

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