Karaoke for Dark Moor - A Lament Of Misery

Dark Moor - A Lament Of Misery (05:36)
created by denickm
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I am the loner
The gloomy mist's owner
I am the sailor
In the sea of squalor
Waiting in the sand
That return your lovely light eyes
But I'm crying and dying
Eternally lying
Under the shower
A grave of black flower
In my soul

The tears in my face
The rain in the sad place
My soul is kneeling
The tide brings the feelings
I could live a dream
Where your spirit call on the high seas
Oh! My lover, I'm lonely
Time passes so slowly
My heart I bear
With pain of despair
In the shore

From the breeze
Of the seas
The waves sing
The sweet song of your memory
In the deep
Of my soul
When the sirens
Of the ocean
Bring the silent
I cry

In my eyes
There's a lament of misery
In my sigh
A dark misery
So I die
Oh! My love

I am dreaming, darkness around
I am sailing in the ship's wound
Angels screaming
In the mist out at sea

(Silent, blackness, sirens madness
Loving, gladness, dying sadness
Dreaming hollow, feeling, sorrow
Waiting, drear, looking, fear
The angels are crying for me)

Oh! Silver mirror
Your cost was an error
I die of broken
My sentence was spoken
But in the cold foam
Stay hopes of my soul immortal
In the twilight the sky burn
And there isn't return
Only my reason
To live in this prison
In the shore

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