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Damian Marley - Beautiful (04:47)
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(Damian "Junior Gong" Marley)

[Intro: Bobby Brown]
Yeah! B. Brown! Marley!
Got a Brown and Marley combination here y'all, feel it
The revolution will be televised feel me, come on

[Verse 1: Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley (Bobby Brown)]
Hey! With me she will shampoo alot, several mornings she shampoos my locks
Always have my back she stands true to that
Real type of lovin thank you for that
Yo run barefoot without my shoes and socks
Cause she keep myself clean mi nah go catch nuh rash
And she love mi fi real mi nah fi have nuh cash
And any likkle ting and from mi splish yuh splash
Yo all this blingin is like you forgot
Lose cheddar rise the bait then you recruit a rat
So we listen couple speech a Martin Luther chat
Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and some Super Cat (Super Cat!!!)
Then it seem like she live outside mi bugle shop
Cause she don't have nuh scratches only beauty spot
When one due to start is when one due to stop
One nine to five one five to twelve o clock, yuh see mi
(WOO!!! WOO!!! Come on!!!)

[Chorus: Bobby Brown]
Beautiful, here we go again my love, you know
I will never let you go, my love, beautiful, here we go

[Verse 2: Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley]
And I remember when we met and we began dating
And everything was all but set and we began mating
And mi really love her good she give me don rating
Because my style a plenty full another one rating
As she got her belly full and a nuh pot scraping
And the closer we become the more she gravitating
Until we buckle down and there is no escaping
No witty pre committee come on everyday thing
Now you have the physique and your communicating
Sex we want the scientifically penetrating
Until she start spiritually resignating
As long as mi know she and seh she a nuh play ting
She is di only Queen di King is designating
As long as she legit I am negotiating
I know it kind of deep but keep on concentrating
Cause Jazzy made the beat and I am clearly stating

[Chorus: Bobby Brown]
Beautiful, here we go again my love, you know
I will never let you go, my love, beautiful, here we go

[Repeat Verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 2]
[Repeat Chorus until end]

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