Karaoke for Bonnie Bianco - Stay

Bonnie Bianco - Stay (03:52)
created by myhoa139
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You are my life.
You are my only one desire!
You're the air that I breathe tonight...
Won't you stay here beside me? Stay!

When I see you there's a glow from the stars above.
Guess they know that I'm so in love...
Yes, I'll stay here beside you, stay...

Day after day feeling low in the evening sun,
till you came and you were the one. Now I'll stay here beside you,

Well remembered dreams of a foolish parade.
Didn't need to persuade you...
Hungry for a smile...
In the morning moonlight that'll be alright with you -
take my hand.

All I can do is to dream of you all day through.
Close my eyes- all I see is you.
Yes, I'll stay here beside you stay.

Stay by my side!
You're the air that I breathe tonight...
All I want is to hold you tight!
Yes, I'll stay here beside you, stay forever...
Here we'll stay tonight, here we'll stay...

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Bonnie Bianco - Stay (03:52) [myhoa139]

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