Karaoke for Augustana - Boston

Augustana - Boston (04:17)
created by derf1776
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In the light of the sun
Is there anyone, ohh it has begun
O dear you look so lost
Eyes are red and tears are shed this world you must have crossed you said
You don�t know me, and you don�t even care
OO Yea
She said you don�t� know me, and you don�t wear my chains ooo yea

Essential yet appealed
Carry all your thoughts, across an open field
When the flowers gaze at you
they're not the only ones who cry when they see you
You said you don�t� know me, and you don�t even care ooo yea
And she said you don�t know me, and you don�t where chains ooo yea

She said I think I�m going to Boston
I think I�ll start a new life
I think I�ll start it over
No one knows my name
I�ll get out of California
I�m tired of the weather
I think I�ll get a lover
I'll fly them out to Spain

I think I�ll go to Boston
I think that I�m just tired
I think a new town to leave this all behind
I think I need a sun rise
I�m tired of the sun set
Here it�s nice in the summer
Some snow would be nice
Ooo yea

You don�t know me
You don�t even care
Ooo yea

In Boston! No one knows my name
No one knows my face
No know knows my name

In Boston no one knows my name

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