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Question:Are there any other settings not configurable via Preferences dialog
Answer:Some, not really important settings are only configurable by editing settings.txt file in your EvilLyrics directory. When you press "Other options" button, settings.txt file is opened in your Notepad and EvilLyrics is closed. You can edit the options (if you know what they do) and save the settings.txt file. Then run EvilLyrics again, settings should be applied.

Here is the list of documented settings you can edit:

[ShowMyLyrics] 1 => myLyrics toolbar is shown
[ShowMyLyrics] 0 => myLyrics toolbar is hidden

[ShowPopups] 0 => hides little coloured messages that appear on top left corner of your EvilLyrics window (not recommended)
[ShowPopups] 1 => enables messages

[RedirectStrings] => followed by strings on which EL should skip the page and go to the next result (delimited by semicolon)
Default value is "404;page not found;", which means EL skips the page if it contains any of these 2 strings

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