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Question:Whole idea of searching for every song at your site is stupid. Why doesn't it check automatically if file is available?
Answer:EvilLyrics if free project with 150 000 downloads so far and about 10-15000 daily users. We don?t have that much bandwidth and computing power to manage request every 3 or 5 minutes from so many users. That?s the reason why requests cannot be done automatically but only on user intervention. We hope that requirement to visit our site in order to get .kas files will encourage you to create your own files and help to create our free karaoke database.
In future when we collect reasonable database of .kas files there will be possibility to download one large file with zipped .kas files which will be periodically updated from our database. It will depend on users whether this feature will live and catch on and we will work on simplifying karaoke files distribution or we will focus on other features.
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