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Question:It doesn't find any lyrics. I always get "Lyrics not found"
Answer:Sometimes EvilLyrics can't find lyrics. There may be many reasons, here are the most common ones:

EvilLyrics offers only simple proxy support and is known not to work with some kind of firewalls and proxies. We work on better firewall support, please check next versions of EvilLyrics. If you're using built in Windows' firewall, you may have to add an exception for EvilLyrics

If it says "Lyrics not found. Go online ..." you probably only switched to offline mode. Click on "socket" icon in your status bar to turn it to online mode. Don't forget to dial first if you use modem connection.

Other reason may be that you have changed your title formatting and EvilLyrics displays some other tags besides simple "Artist - song" (album name, year, etc). If so, proceed to our players section and read how to fix it. Usually enclosing other tags in brackets solves this problem.

You've changed your "lyrics keyword". When you're looking for songs in english, it's best to choose default keyword - "lyrics". For other languages it may be sometimes better to change this word to the word "lyircs" in your language ("songtexten", "letra", "paroles" or even empty keyword for some languages). You can try experimenting with different keywords but don't forget to change the word back to "lyrics" when you're searching for english lyrics as other keyword can downgrade the performance

Lyrics really cannot be found. EvilLyrics uses general search engines to look for the lyrics. If lyrics are rare or new and EvilLyrics can't find them on the Internet it returns message "Lyrics not found". You can enlarge the scope of searched pages by Allowing unknown sites in Preferences dialog which allows to look for lyrics even on sites unknown to EvilLyrics (well, this may cause returning some unrelated text in some cases).

If it's some other reason, please search the forums and if you won't find answer then drop us a line.
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