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Question:How do I edit my .kas files?
Answer:KAS files can be edited usü5How do I edit my .kas files?How do I edit my .kas files?marekf¨{lang}&display=faq&faqnr=47&catnr=8&prog=1&onlynewfaq={onlynewfaq}" TARGET="_self">ELLO - EvilLyrics Lyrics Organizer

If you want to edit your .kas files, you just need to click in a song that you already created/downloaded the timestamps. When you select it, the lyrics will be displayed in the textbox and a new pane for the karaoke editor will appear.

In it, you can edit both the time and the text marks for every line of the lyrics. You can also add and delete stamps. When adding, it will be added after the last selected stamp. When deleting, the last selected stamp will be deleted.

Editing the time stamps

Every second, EvilLyrics can have 5 different timestamps. The first one goes exactly in that second. The second one goes after 200 mileseconds, the third one after 400, etc. In the Karaoke Editor, you can edit the values for the minutes, seconds and mileseconds too. The format is Minutes:Seconds.Milesec. So, if you have an stamp like 03:27.4, it mean it will be played 400 mileseconds after 3 minutes and 27 seconds

Editing the text stamps

The text in the right represents the first two leters in the line. Generally, if your karaoke is not working properly, it has much more to do with the text than with the time. So, what you need is to check if these two letters are the same first two letters for its corresponding time. Note that numbers and the apostrophe aren't allowed, so if you have a line like this: "I'm here for you", the letters that you should type are "Im".

Note that it is case sensitive. This means that there is difference between "Hi" and "HI".

When you did all the changes you wanted, just press the Save button.
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