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Question:EvilLyrics doesn't work correctly with my Foobar 2000. What should I do?
Answer:EvilLyrics uses Foobar plugin named foo_winamp_spam.dll which makes Foobar look like Winamp to Evillyrics (no visible changes are made to your Foobar after installing the plugin)

You can get the plugin manually and put it in your Foobar "components" folder

plugin for foobar 0.9.x is located here
or here

plugin for 0.8.x is here

Other reason may be that EvilLyrics doesn't take song information from Foobar correctly. To make it work again you have to set title formatting in window caption to something like this:

[%artist% - ]$if(%title%,['['%album%[ #[%disc%/]$num(%tracknumber%,2)]'] 
']%title%,%_filename_ext%) '['%_foobar2000_version%']'

Here is step by step guide how to do this:

Open preferences:

Go to Title Formatting:

Choose Main window title:

Replace it with:
[%artist% - ]$if(%title%,['['%album%[ #[%disc%/]$num(%tracknumber%,2)]'] 
']%title%,%_filename_ext%) '['%_foobar2000_version%']'

Close window:

EvilLyrics should now be able to fetch correct info from Foobar. You can use also other types of title formatting but keep other fields than Artist and Songtitle in brackets. Optimal is if artist and song are divided by " - " (a dash enclosed by spaces)

Built-in Foobar2000 support is limited thought (it works only if you don't have some special plugins installed). If your configuration of Foobar doesn't work with EvilLyrics, you can use a plugin called winampspam which mimics Winamp API behavior. After installing you may want to set title formatting to be sent to EvilLyrics to the simple set of "Artist - Title", i.e. without album, year, etc included. This is the title formatting which will not appear in your Foobar, it is uses only in communicating with other applications that use Winamp API.

So all you have to do is set title formating in Foobar preferences -> Winamp API Emulation to something like:

[%artist% - ]$if(%title%,['['%album% ']' ]%title%,%_filename%)

this should show artist, title plus album info in brackets (field in brackets are ignored by EvilLyrics)
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