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Question:What is the drag&drop feature?
Answer:EvilLyrics supports multiple lyrics downloading by dragging a playlist into a EvilLyrics main window. List of songs can be in standard formats .m3u and .pls or is can be simple selected text dragged from any other application. In case you are dragging a raw text into EvilLyrics, it should be formatted something like this:
Britney Spears - Lucky
Britney Spears - Sometimes
etc ?

(line can start with a number, it is chopped off before lyrics retrieval)

After you release mouse button over EvilLyrics lyrics pane, program quickly analyzes the list and asks you whether you want to download lyrics for given number of items. If list format is not recognized, it returns error. After confirmation, EvilLyrics starts to download lyrics. After all the lyrics are downloaded they are saved in your EvilLyrics directory in the file named lyrics.txt. EvilLyrics then offers you to open this file in Notepad.
In this mode, only lyrics which were properly cleaned up by built in filters are downloaded. In this mode cache is used, so that lyrics are stored and possibly retrieved from cache during batch download.

There is limit 20 items in list no matter the format. The reason for the limit is our kind of "friendly" approach to lyrics sites. It was already explained here. If all the users just dropped their 10 000 item playlists in EvilLyrics, we guess we would either get banned by lyrics sites.

To create a playlist for using drag&drop batch download you can do following (example is for Winamp, it's similar with other players):

1. In Winamp's playlist select Save in Lists button:

2. Save for example to your desktop

3. Then take icon of saved playlist from your desktop by your mouse and drag it inside your EvilLyrics window

Songs should start download one by one
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