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Question:I can? get it working at all, it keeps displaying an error
Answer:There can be many reasons why EvilLyrics is not working.
One of the most common reasons is unsuccessful installation. If you received an error during installation EvilLyrics may not run even if it appears in your Start menu. Most frequently reported are these errors:
  • DLL and OCX libraries couldn?t be registered. During the install process EvilLyrics checks if you have needed dll files (some 90% of users already have them in their default Windows installations) and if needed it tries to download and register them. In case you have slow line or there are some restrictions for registering dll files on your system this process may fail. You can remedy this by installing needed files manually. Download this library pack and unzip it into your System directory (or Evillyrics directory if you can't write into System directory) and run included file register.bat

  • You have needed libraries but these are old versions. Try downloading previously mentioned library pack, unzip it into your System directory and run there included file register.bat
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