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Question:How do I make Windows Media Player 10-11 work with EvilLyrics?
Answer:EvilLyrics works with Windows Media Player Series 10-11.

All you have to do, select option
Optimize for Windows Media Player
during the setup

Now when you start EvilLyrics and Windows Media Player, song title from WMP should get feched by EvilLyrics.

Basically, what installer do is that it installs plugin named np_plugin.dll into Windows Media Player directory. If for any reason it fails, you can do it manually

There can be 2 reasons why it doesn't work:
1. Plugin is installed, only it is turned off. In Windows Media Player choose Tools > Plugins. There should be "Now playing" plugin listed, just check it is enabled.

2. If it's not listed, probably for some reason it didn't get installed. Get the np_plugin.dll here, put it into your "c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\plugins\np_plugin\" (if the above directories are not present in Windows Media Player directory, just creat them), restart WMP and EvilLyrics and it should get working

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