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Question:What is the lyrics cache?
Answer:Lyrics cache is directory where your lyrics are stored. Reason for storing lyrics on your computer is that you don?t have to download lyrics every time you play a song in your media player and it saves you bandwidth.

Every time lyrics are retrieved from the internet they are saved in your Lyrics directory (usually ?Program Files\EvilLyrics\Lyrics? but you can change the path by editing file settings.txt in your EvilLyrics directory). If song you retrieve lyrics for is properly tagged i.e. both artist and song info is retrieved (read more on title parsing) they are saved in subdirectory named after the first letter of artist name (i.e. Britney Spears? lyrics are saved in directory named B). File name is then ?Artist ? song.txt?. If artist and song info is not properly retrieved lyrics are saved in directory named ?_?.
Next time you play a song EvilLyrics displays cached lyrics instead of downloading them again. In this case, Cached icon is displayed in your status bar.

You can override cache by pressing Redownload button or you can delete whole cache by pressing button Clear cache in preferences dialog.

Other reason for caching the lyrics and not allowing you to turn this function off is following. Lyrics sites usually make profit by displaying advertisements. When users access their site via EvilLyrics no ads are displayed while we use their system resources. This is the reason why we don?t want to hammer their sites with requests when we necessarily don?t have to.
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