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How can i post my lyrics to myLyrics?


You can post your lyrics iŁO%How can i post my lyrics to myLyrics?%How can i post my lyrics to myLyrics?marekł™Y w.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/evillyrics.zip" TARGET="_blank">EvilLyrics

Your lyrics will appear at your personal lyrics page located at www.evillabs.sk/mylyrics/[yourname]

You can get user name by registering in our Karaoke section. Posting will work if you have you login and password correctly filled in EvilLyrics preferences

You can post your lyrics into your personal page by simply hitting Post lyrics button on floating toolbar (one that appears if you put your mouse into lower part of lyrics window).

Sometimes lyrics don't get posted though. Lyrics have to meet certain conditions:
- You have to to have your tags filled in properly, i.e. they have to appear in EvilLyrics in the format Artist - Song
- lyrics have to be longer than 30 charcters
- lyrics should be cleaned up, i.e. they should contain no garbage like artist or song name, various additional text like "lyrics by" , "song from". Most of the niely formatted lyrics should come through.

If some of your lyrics don't want to get saved into your personal collection, just send them to us via e-mail, we will look into it and possibly fix our filtering mechanism.

You can open view your personal collection by opening the address mentioned above (or clickin on Head icon on floating toolbar), you can also share it with your friends but only you'll be able to add lyrics (by running EvilLyrics with properly filled in login name and password)

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