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What is the meaning of the options in Karaoke tab of Preferences window?


Karaoke posting

In order to contribute to our karaoke database under your name you have to register on our site (press Register button). After you finish registration process, enter your login name and password into EvilLyrics.

Karaoke index
Karaoke index stores names of the songs for which we have karaoke available. If song you are playing is available, you are alerted and you can download that file. You should regularly update your index by pressing Update index button so freshly added karaoke files are added to your index.

Save current song info
If checked, current lyrics are stored in file named nowplaying.txt and nowplaying.htm in your EvilLyrics folder. You can use this file for various purposes, e.g. uploading to your website to show lyrics to the song you are listening to. Current line of karaoke is stored in lyrline.txt if karaoke file is playing.

Anonymous statistics
If checked, once in a time anonymous statistics about failed lyrics downloads are sent to Evil Laboratories. This helps us in keeping our filtering system for various lyrics sites up-to-date. Also, information about new found sites to be included in our database are sent. Reporting is made on random basis, only 1 of 10 failures/discoveries is reported. Only the song name and url of lyrics site that failed to load or was found for given song name is reported. This means only couple of bytes with about every 50th song. If you want to help in improving EvilLyrics preciseness, please keep this option checked.

Karaoke alerts
If you don't like karaoke alerts in main window and karaoke bar, you can turn them off here. Still, little unobtrusive "mouth" icon is displayed in your status bar. If you only want to get rid of karaoke bar (that annoying little thing that doesn't want to go away!), just unpress "balloon" button in your toolbar.

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