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What is the meaning of the options in Cache tab in Preferences window.


Clear cache
Lyrics that are found are stored on your local drive so they don't have to be searched for next time you play the same song. If for any reason you would like to delete those lyrics and make EvilLyrics search for the lyrics again, you can use this button to delete all the .txt files from cache. Karaoke files (.kas) which are also stored in the cache are left intact.

Re-check wrong lyrics after a week
Sometimes lyrics to your song can't be found (especially for new or rare songs) and some unrelated text or just empty file is saved in your cache under song's name. By checking this option you can make EvilLyrics search again for those songs with "wrong" lyrics after they are more than 7 days old (they might have appeared on the web in the meantime). Only untouched (non edited) files which are known not to be lyrics are searched for again. Edited or proper lyrics files are left intact (use Reload button to search again for those lyrics).

Cache organization
By default, lyrics are stored in separate folders named "A" to "Z" depending on first letter of artist's name. Lyrics for songs where artist name couldn't be resolved (those improperly tagged) are stored in folder named "_". You can force EvilLyrics to use single folder by selecting respective option. You will be asked if you want to rebuild the cache or only let new files to be stored in selected manner. You can always switch back to subfolder mode, your cache will be rebuilt and files moved in proper folders. Rebuilding of cache may take some time depending on number of lyrics files in your cache.

Automatically save under original song name after a change
When you manually correct artist or song name in EvilLyrics search bar while looking for proper lyrics, on song finish you are asked if you want to associate current lyrics with original name retrieved from your player (so next time song is played the same lyrics appear). By checking this option this will be done automatically (without asking)

Cache path
By default, lyrics are stored in folder named "lyrics" in your EvilLyrics directory (the one you selected when installing). Here you can specify other directory than default. Lyrics are not moved though, only new ones are stored in the new location. To make EvilLyrics use old cache you have to move contents of your lyrics folder manually.


This box shows latest versions of filter file (file containing search rules which is updated on EvilLyrics start in case there is a new one available) and your EvilLyrics version. Please include these information when reporting a bug
Check new
This button checks if there is a new version of EvilLyrics available. It opens a page in your browser with latest changes from your version highlighted. It is recommended to regularly update EvilLyrics.

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