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What is the meaning of the options in General tab of Preferences window?


Tray mode

With this option checked, EvilLyrics minimizes when you hit close button in it's upper right corner. When unchecked, Close button just closes EvilLyrics.

Select font, select background
Here you can select font and background for EvilLyrics main window. Your choice is also applied to karaoke bar.

Lyrics keyword
Here you can select (or type your own) keyword which is used when searching for lyrics. When your searching mainly for lyrics in other languages than English, you can choose word "lyrics" in your language, this should improve your search. With some languages simply deleting keyword (using empty string) may improve results. Last 5 keywords you typed are remembered.

Show in main window
Show previously described keyword picker also in main window of EvilLyrics

Excluded keywords

Here you can specify keywords which will be ignored while searching in search engines. By default there are most common short keywords that are ignored by search engines anyway. If your media files contain some keyword that deteriorate your searches, you can add it to this list and it will be ignored when searching. Keywords are separated by semicolon

Number filtering
If your mp3 files are not perfectly tagged and they contain track number or other digits that only deteriorate searches, you can chose to filter those numbers. By default numbers are not filtered out. You can choose to
  • filter only stand-alone numbers (enclosed by spaces) - this causes "01" from "01 Britney Spears - Lucky" to be filtered out but not "2" from "U2 - Fly away"
  • filter all numbers - all digits are erased (this time also "2" from "U2")

Proxy settings
You can set simple proxy by checking Use proxy and filling proxy name and proxy port. To use proxy that require login and password fill corresponding fields too. Otherwise leave those blank.
Proxy support is not perfect and doesn't work with all proxies and firewalls. To help us improve our proxy support, in case EvilLyrics doesn't work with your proxy please report what proxy and system you are using."

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