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How do I create my own karaoke file?


If karaoke for particular ŁHow do I create my own karaoke?$How do I create my own karaoke file?marekÔ®Ŕriteria it will be automatically uploaded to our site and the other user will be able to download it. You will be credited as author of particular .kas file and every time someone plays your karaoke your nickname will be displayed in EvilLyrics status bar (in order to post .kas files under your nickname, you have to register and enter you login credentials in EvilLyrics options dialog window (Right click on main window -> Preferences -> tab Karaoke).

To create your own karaoke make sure the song you are creating timestamps for have its ID3 tags filled properly (i.e. it is recognized by EvilLyrics and it shows in Songtitle bar as Artist ? Song Name) and that your lyrics are automatically downloaded (we advise you to create .kas files only for lyrics downloaded properly on the first try ? i.e. not using Next button). Then

  1. Press Create karaoke button.

  2. Have lyrics for the song you want to create karaoke for downloaded. Stop your Player, then position it to the song you want to create karaoke for. Then start the song and return to EvilLyrics window.

  3. Make sure time in your media player and one in EvilLyrics status bar are synchronized. As song plays, use DOWN ARROW on your keyboard to move EXACTLY line by line as song plays. Press key just a moment BEFORE line is going to be sung, so the users can spot the text before it?s actually sung.

  4. If you happen to make a mistake and move to next line before it is actually sung, you can return one line using UP arrow and last created timestamp will be deleted (notice number of timestamps in status bar). Karaoke mode only supports downward movement (ie. it is not possible to return in the song text to "repeat" chorus etc. If you want to have chorus highlighted each time it's sung, you have to have it repeated in your text)
  5. Keep moving downward as your song is played, then let the song play until it's finished and new song starts. Only way for EvilLyrics to detect song length is to measure time between two song changes, so don't use slider or next button otherwise EvilLyrics gets confused.
  6. When your song ends, you are asked to save your karaoke file. It automatically stored in your cache.

Now when you replay the song again, lyrics should be highlighted line by line as you marked them in Creating mode. Once karaoke file is replayed at least once and it meets our criteria, it is posted to our server. To post them under your nickname, register at our website and fill the login and password in EvilLyrics preferences.

Users who posted more than 5 karaoke files are allowed upload manually so they don't have to replay whole songs.
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