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EvilLyrics returns some garbage instead of lyrics, what should I do?


First check whether your player displays song information in standard format. This is usually ?Artist ? song?. If you want put other info info window title, it should be placed into brackets. Read more on how to set up title formatting for various players »»

Other reason may be wrong song information. If your song is named ?Brittany Spaers? instead of Britney Spears, EvilLyrics has problem finding lyrics for that song. In this case you can either simply change song info in search bar or better you can change your ID3 tags directly in your media player so you won?t have to retype it every time in EvilLyrics. For example in Winamp 2 you can do so by double clicking on song title in your player. You can also use programs like MusicBrainz to fix your tags automatically.

Third reason is simple. Lyrics just cannot be found. Either no one yet submitted them to any of the lyrics databases or they are so fresh that they weren?t found by search engines yet. This usually happens with rare or new lyrics. You are encouraged to submit lyrics to those databases. You can find list of supported databases here. You can also use Submit function in EvilLyrics

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