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How does it determine where to look for lyrics?


EvilLyrics uses general search engines (Google, Alltheweb, Altavista) to look for lyrics. From results returned it picks those which are known lyrics sites. It downloads first of them and tries to parse it using built in filters. If page seems to be fitting, it displays what it considers to be lyrics in lyrics pane.

Sometimes it returns pages from lyrics sites which are not actual lyrics pages but for example list of lyrics for the whole album. In this case EvilLyrics parses the page and tries to find the link to corresponding lyrics page. If this fails, it resumes with another hit from result set returned by search engine.
If all the results are used and none of them seem to be what it was looking for, error message is displayed and lyrics page stays blank.

You can make EvilLyrics go to the next hit from result set by pressing the Next button. If there are no more results in result set, Next button is disabled.

Given the nature of the used search, EvilLyrics prefers sites which are well indexed by search engines even if they have relatively small database. That way it can get to the lyrics fast without querying multiple databases at once.
It may never visit some large databases just for the reason they are not indexed though. This is the drawback of the used search.

For specific sites that are not indexed by search engines but they have lyrics that can?t be found anywhere else we prepare special plugins. Check for future versions of EvilLyrics.

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