EvilLyrics Localization Template version for build 138 - 20/04/2005 check for latest version and recent changes at http://www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/localize.php ONLY TRANSLATE TEXT BETWEEN number AND //. Text after // is just remark, there's no need to translate that when you're done, compile your file with ELtrans.exe, put created lng file into your EL directory and try to load it If it loads successfully, check if the text isn't overlapped somewhere Feel free to rephrase some texts if they sound more understandable in your language /n is new line delimiter %1 and %2 are parameters ... they will get replaced in the text First line is a charset number .. replace XXX by your number and test it charsetWestEurope = 0 charsetDefault = 1 charsetSymbol = 2 charsetJapanese = 128 charsetKorean = 129 charsetChineseS = 134 charsetChienseT = 136 charsetGreek = 161 charsetTurkish = 162 charsetHebrew = 177 charsetArabic = 178 charsetBaltic = 186 charsetCyrillic = 204 charsetEastEurope = 238 charsetDosBox = 255 --- localization file start Charset|238 0|General //General 1|Cache //Cache 2|Karaoke //Karaoke 3|Advanced //Advanced 4|About //About 6|Apperance //Apperance-frame 7|Always on top //Always on top 8|Tray mode //Tray mode 9|Minimize on close //Minimize on close 10|Select lyrics font //Select lyrics font 11|Background //Background - label 12|Search settings //Search settings - frame name 13|"Lyrics" keyword //"Lyrics" keyword - label 14|Keyword used to query search engines/nIn case you listen mostly to non-english songs/npick or type keyword in your language // "lyrics keyword label tooltip description - Keyword used to query search engines/nIn case you listen mostly to non-english songs/npick or type keyword in your language 15|Show in main window //Show keyword selector in main window - checkbox 127|Allow unknown sites //Allow unknown sites 16|Song title parsing //Song title parsing - frame name 17|Don 't filter numbers //1st filtering option Don 't filter numbers 18|Filter stand-alone numbers //2nd filtering option Filter stand-alone numbers i.e. numbers surrounded by spaces ... ie which are not part of the word like in U2 19|Filter all numbers //3nd filtering option - Filter all numbers 5|Ignore bracketed text //Ignore bracketed text - checkbox 20|Excluded keywords //Excluded keywords - label 21|Cache settings //Cache settings - frame name 22|Clear cache //Clear cache 23|Cache organization //Cache organization 24|By first letter //By first letter 25|Single directory //Single directory 26|Cache path //Cache path 27|Re-check wrong lyrics after a week //Re-check wrong lyrics after a week 28|Automatically save under original song name after change //Automatically save under original song name after change 29|Proxy //Proxy - frame label 30|Use proxy //Use proxy 31|Server //Server 32|Port //Port 33|Username //Username 34|Password //Password 35|Karaoke posting //Karaoke posting - frame name 36|To contribute under your name please register on our website. Registration is FREE. //To contribute under your name please register on our website. Registration is FREE. 37|Then enter your login name and password here: //Then enter your login name and password here: 38|Login //Login 39|Password //Password 40|Register //Register - button which takes you to registration page 41|Karaoke index update //Karaoke index update - frame name 42|Update karaoke index //Update karaoke index now!... ie. button text 43|Karaoke pop-up alerts //Karaoke pop-up alerts 44|Lyrics posting //Lyrics posting 128|To url // (save lyrics) to url 129|To file // (save lyrics) to file 45|Don't save //Don't save - 3 file saving options 46|Save automatically //Save automatically 47|On button press //On button press 48|Other settings //Other settings - frame name 49|Start with Winamp //Start with Winamp 50|Only works if you selected "Winamp start-up plugin" during EvilLyrics installation/nTo remove start-up plugin completely go to Winamp's General plugins section //!!!! Don't translate text "Winamp start-up plugin" ... Only works if you selected "Winamp start-up plugin" during EvilLyrics installation/nTo remove start-up plugin completely go to Winamp's General plugins section - message that pops up when you click a little "?" 51|Anonymous statistics //Anonymous statistics 52|Set to default settings //Set to default settings (resets EL settings to default) 53|Updates //Updates - frame name 54|Check new //Check new (checks for new version of EL) 55|OK //OK - bottom buttons 56|Cancel //Cancel - bottom buttons 57|Apply //Apply - bottom buttons 58|Preferences //Preferences - window name 59|updating ... //updating ... displayed on the button while updating karaoke index 60|Translators: //"Translators: " text .. not used anywhere yet ... the names of translators will be hard coded ... so please send the name or nick you would like to appear here along with translated language file 61|Select A Folder //on folder picking dilaog 62|Do you want to clear contents of lyrics cache located at "%1" ?/nit will take some time depending on size/n(it will leave karaoke files intact) 63|You changed cache organization style. Do you want to rebuild the cache now? (It may take some time depending on size of the cache) 64|Enter URL to post to. Use %L for lyrics, %S for song name./nFor example http://www.myblog.com/postlyrics.php?song=%S&lyrics=%L 65|Your karaoke index is %1 days old/nFiles in the index: %2 66|You don't have karaoke index yet. Update it //You don't have karaoke index yet. Update it - text that shows on karaoke status label when you have no karaoke index ... shouldn't happen though 67|You may distribute this program freely. Because this program is free, author cannot and will not assume responsibility for this program's behavior. There are no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, on this product. 68|Thanks to: //"Thanks to" text 69|... and all the rest of you who helped with valuable suggestions and support. //... and all the rest of you who helped with valuable suggestions and support. 70|EvilLyrics is free software, if you would like to appreciate our work you may donate in Donation page of our website. //EvilLyrics is free software, if you would like to appreciate our work you may donate in Donation page of our website. 71|Last filter update: //Last filter update: //Main application window related //toolbar 72|Try next result 73|Reload lyrics 74|Stop downloading 75|Edit lyrics 76|Prints lyrics 77|Open original page with lyrics in browser 78|Lyrics for whole album 79|Fulltext internet lyrics search 80|All songs by current artist 81|Post current lyrics to a webpage 82|Enter karaoke recording mode 83|Search for karaoke file 84|Show karaoke bar 86|Help //Toolbar submenus 85|Google query for this song 87|Translate lyrics 88|Full text search 89|Album profile //album profile search ... like profile on Amazon 90|Chords search 91|Album cover //album cover serach 92|Full album lyrics ... 93|Posters ... 94|Allmusic Guide profile 95|Submit lyrics //submit lyrics to selected lyrics page 96|EvilLyrics Homepage 97|Report a bug //ie application bug 98|additional searches //keep case 99|Fulltext internet search 100|Fulltext cache search 101|Fetch karaoke 102|Delete karaoke 103|Submit karaoke 104|Karaoke creating instructions //Statusbar 105|Karaoke info 106|Connection status //ie internet connection online/offline //Popup Menus //Main popup menu .. keep texts short here so menu doesn't get wide 107|Explain "%1" ... 108|Clear these lyrics //erases lyrics to current song 109|Cache info 110|Compact mode 111|Edit mode 112|Show karaoke bar 113|Karaoke scrolling //function for turning scrolling on/off 114|Copy 115|Paste 116|Additional searches 117|Exit //Statusbar menu 118|Report failed filter 119|Why it can't find any anything? 120|Karaoke quality voting //ie voting for karaoke files .. feel free to rephrase ... like voting for karaoek files ... and good/bad file 121|This karaoke is GOOD 122|This karaoke is BAD 123|Statusbar help 124|Copy lyrics URL to clipboard //Karaoke statusbar icon menu 125|Get best match directly 126|Go to karaoke list (browser) //functionality //Cacheinfo box 130|Song 131|Path //Path to the song on your hard drive 132|Downloaded on //followed by date 133|Downloaded from //followed by url 134|Manually edited 135|Yes 136|No 137|Number of lines // number of lines in lyrics file 138|Karaoke downloaded on //followed by date 139|you (probably unsubmitted file) //informing that karaoke file has no name in it, so it was probably created by you and haven't been sent yet 140|Karaoke author //karaoke author name 141|Number of timestamps 142|ignoring empty lines //meaning that number of timestamps doesn't take into account timestamps for empty lines .. can be used "without empty lines" 143|not downloaded yet 144|Player 145|Error parsing files //error while getting info for info window ... can translate just like "error" 146|Would you like to copy this information into CLIPBOARD? 147|current song info // name of the info window .. keep case .. it's displayed like EvilLyrics - current info name 148|fetching explanation ... //displayed while explanation is downloaded from dictionary 149|Not found in the dictionary 150|Updated successfully //Karaoke index update 151|Error while updating 152|Double voting //karaoke voting messages ... can be "You already voted" 153|Thanks for vote 154|Site error, please try again later 155|Please provide a short reason why do you think filter failed (no text returned, artist/song info included in lyrics etc.) or just submit without reason 156|failed filter //the name of the dialog 157|Wrong login/password combination 158|Reported, thank you 159|You have to be registered in karaoke section to report 160|No matching karaoke available. Double-click the icon to open karaoke list. 161|online //lowercase 162|offline //lowercase 163|Do you want to work in offline mode? 164|unknown //as Lyrics source: unknown ... when we don't know which url lyrics came from 165|To re-enable hidden buttons click "Reset" on the next dialog/nYou can also set toolbar to wrap in Preferences dialog 166|Karaoke adjusted by %1 seconds //followed by number of seconds 167|searching for "%1" (press Edit button to edit lyrics) //displayed in statusbar while using type-ahead ... 168|Could not find "%1". Press ESC to start again 169|Retype your search // displays after you pressed esc ... you are actually being asked to type your query again 170|You are now in karaoke saving mode. Start the song, synchronize time here and in your player. Move down line by line using DOWN arrow, delete previous timestamp using UP arrow. Let song play until it finishes, you will be asked to save karaoke. Then replay the song and it gets posted to our server. Click here to read more. 171|Checking for new filters ... 172|Fetching new filters ... 173|New version of EvilLyrics is available. Would you like to go to www.evillabs.sk to get the new version? 174|Start your media player or type artist and song name into the box above 175|Karaoke index is %1 days old. Update it in preferences 176|detecting //displayed as tooltip over player icon ... saying like "detecting Winamp" 177|Manual mode - no known player detected 178|Karaoke available - click to get it! 179|Karaoke unavailable 180|Enter words to search for (separated by spaces) 181|Double click to search for lyrics 182|displaying first 50 results 183|No songs found, try different set of keywords 184|Wrong ID3 tags, not posted 185|You are not allowed to post karaoke manually yet. Replay created karaoke and it will be posted automatically. 186|Unable to post karaoke, try to replay again. 187|Karaoke you created is not meeting our criteria. Try to create new one 188|You manually changed title./nDo you want to save these lyrics under original name (%1)?/nIf you do so, next time you play the song, these lyrics will be displayed 189|Karaoke was shifted during replay. Would you like save the changes? 190|Karaoke was adjusted. It will be posted next time you replay it 191|Detected %1 timestamps in song %2 within %3/nIf time doesn't match the one shown in your player, read instructions and record your karaoke again/nSave recorded karaoke now? //like detected 22 timestamps in song Britney Spears - Lucky within 3:40 192|Karaoke file saved. Replay the song, if karaoke is saved properly it will be posted to the server. 193|Just downloaded //Meaning lyrics were downloaded "in this moment" 194|downloading ... 195|Lyrics not found 196|No lyrics. Switch to Online mode to get them 197|No filter used 198|using keyword //lowercase .. meaning "using keyword keyword" ... like "using keyword songtexten" 199|%1 songs waiting in queue //during mass downloading 200|Your lyrics were saved in the file "lyrics.txt" in your EvilLyrics directory. Would you like to open then in Notepad now? 201|No lyrics found in lyrics databases, displaying related page 202|karaoke NOT uploaded yet - let it play until the end 203|karaoke by %1 //karaoke by JohnDoe 204|Wrong lyrics? Try next match using the 'Next' button ... 205|Karaoke for this song available! 206|Press "mouth" icon to get karaoke 207|Posting options not filled properly //displayed while posting lyrics to a webpage (error) 208|posting ... //displayed while posting lyrics to a webpage 209|parsing ... //displayed while parsing (cleaning) downloaded lyrics 210|Lyrics to your song cannot be found. Read some tips on how to improve your lyrics search 211|From cache - downloaded on %1 //followed by date and time 212|[%1] saving: %2 [%3 positions saved] //like [00:58] saving: Lucky [8 positions saved] ... ie %1=time, %2=song name, %3=number of timestamps saved 213|Done //or Finished or whatever ... something has finished 214|Not found 215|Select the site and press Enter //on submit lyrics dialog ... bellow it is the list of sites 216|No karaoke to delete 217|Nothing to post or already posted // can rephrase like "karaoke doesn't exist or it was already submitted" 218|Could not resolve artist name, fix your ID3 tags //while searching for poster .. we need to get artist name ... if mp3 is not tagged properly we can't get it 219|Enter couple of words from the song lyrics (divided by spaces) //fulltext song search 220|You are importing timestamp file for currently running:/n%1/nCheck if your mp3 length is aproximately %2 // like you importing timestamp file for britney spears, check if length is approximately 3:22 //batch downloading related 221|Vote for karaoke by clicking here 222|Unsupported playlist file 223|Playlists with more than %1 items are not supported 224|EvilLyrics will now try do download/nlyrics to %1 songs //like EvilLyrics will now try to download lyrics to 15 songs ... displayed when you drop a playlist into evillyrics window 225|Timestamps are now saved. Follow the instructions //after you press karaoke recording button // displayed in statusbar when you press karaoke recording button 226|To start making timestamps press STOP and then PLAY in your media player./nTime in player and EvilLyrics must be synchronized! //displayed in popup window when karaoke recording button pressed 227|No lyrics loaded /// in karaoke recording mode when there are no lyrics 228|Karaoke saving off // araoke mode turned off using teh button 229|Page information not available //when you try to open original page in your browser (using globe icon) but original location information is not available so it cannot be opened 230|Could not retrieve songs by this artist 231|Save lyrics //displayed as tooltip on Save button in toolbar when it's pressed 232|Edit mode - click Save icon to resume lyrics fetching 233|Too large - skipping ... // when too large file is being downloaded ... over 100kb ... we know it's nt lyrics because lyrics pages don't use to be that big so we just cancel downloading 234|downloading from %1 (%2 bytes) //in statusbar ... like: downloading from lyrics.com (3000 bytes) 235|redirecting (#%1) ... //nth redirection while downloading ... like Redirecting (#2) ... 236|No karaoke available for the song 237|Karaoke bar - click on the text bellow to hide window title //displayed on top of the karaoke bar when it is in "border" mode 238|Report incorrect "%1" filter //like: Report incorrect "lyrics.com" filter 239|lyrics from //followed by site name 240|Downloading from %1 ... //like: downloading from lyrics.com ... 241|Connecting to %1 ... 242|[%1] filter used //like: [sing365] filter used 243|learn more //clickable popup link 244|Language 245|Wrap toolbar 246|Karaoke file length does not match song length. Not posting to server ... 247|Login/password OK. You can now post karaoke under your name. //for testing karaoke credentials 248|Test //for testing karaoke credentials 249|Encoding //for changing text encoding (right click menu - encoding names will stay in english ... for now) 250|Chords not found 251|Searching ... 252|Opening %1 in your browser ... //Like "Opening www.evillabs.sk in your browser ... 253|Stopped //after hitting stop button 254|fetching song names ... 255|Adjust karaoke scrolling 256|Export to LRC 257|Store created karaoke in LRC format 258|Get translations 259|Update //As description of a button to force update 260|Application //Application file update date 261|MilkDrop support 262|Karaoke was created for different lyrics than yours. Would you like to reload them from original location? 263|You must be running Winamp with Milkdrop 264|Lyrics are locked. Unlock to enable writing ... 265|Lock/unlock lyrics 266|Auto-detect charset 267|Submit lyrics clean-up suggestion 268|Lyrics not cleaned? Click status bar to submit filter suggestion.